Climate Smart Aviation

Climate Smart Aviation

It’s the premise of every great story: Things are not what they seem. Sometimes, for instance, what initially looks like a burden is an opportunity. Climate Smart Group believes that the emission reductions required by ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Airlines (CORSIA) is one such example.
While the development of biofuels and better aviation technology will help reduce emissions over the long term, it’s not enough. In the meantime, it’s urgent for airlines to find a way to grow business while finding a way to cap emissions.

To meet imminent compliance obligations, airlines must develop a compliance management plan to obtain and create their own carbon credits. Lowering long term risk through early action is good business. Doing nothing is an unnecessary gamble.

Complying with CORSIA’s reduction targets may not be easy, but reducing emissions is the right thing to do. It’s good for our environment and it’s an opportunity for early adopters to reduce compliance hazards and solidify your airline’s position as a socially responsible corporate leader.

Consumer and investment behavior is changing. Sustainability is expected by both. Carbon credits can help companies create a unique, competitive advantage. CORSIA represents the chance to go beyond business as usual and position your company as an environmental leader in a fiscally responsible manner.

We call the route to achieving these outcomes Climate Smart Aviation. Our commitment and passion is to collaborate with you in defining, developing and implementing a climate smart aviation strategy tailored to your company’s specific goals.
It all starts with a plan. Your plan.


Aviation Solutions and Services

  • Strategic Carbon Management Planning

  • Policy and Procedures Development

  • Risk Assessment for You and Your Clients

  • Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Quantification

  • Measure, Report, Verify (MRV) Software Systems to Establish Reporting Programs

  • Project Development: to help transition from policies and ideas to programming and implementation

  • Carbon Credit Supply and Banking

  • Green Finance

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