Climate Smart Capital

We are a focused green fund that supports projects, programmes, policies and other activities of both our partners and clients. We help partners focus on their ideas and projects, realize their vision, build equity and amplify their environmental impact by providing them with the resources to execute, experienced people, proven processes, a blueprint to grow their idea, and access to a global network.

Climate Smart invests in environmental and sustainability companies in exchange for an equity ownership interest. We base our investment decisions on:

  • The quality, passion, commitment, and integrity of the principals.
  • The environmental market opportunity being addressed and the potential for the company to grow.
  • A clearly thought out business plan, and evidence of traction toward the plan.
  • Interesting environmental technology, processes or intellectual property.
  • An appropriate valuation with reasonable terms.
  • Alignment with our Climate Smart vision

Financial sustainability is essential to successfully implementing environmental programs. We work proactively with stakeholders to identify financing mechanisms to support environmental programs and policies that protect the environment. We advise on all aspects of debt and equity financing of environmental and sustainability companies, including due diligence services.

We also advise on regulatory compliance and commercial transactions relating to carbon credits and emissions trading markets.